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6 VA Low-Profile Power Transformers

Restriction of Hazardous Substances ImageAll Sun Transformer products are available lead-free and RoHS compliant upon request.

Product Charateristics

  • Low Profile: Only .81 inches tall. Allows one-inch card spacing.
  • Dual Primaries: 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Semi-toroidal Construction: Hum-Bucking construction, reduces radiated magnetic fields.
  • Non-concentric windings: Reduces inter-winding capacitance and eliminates the need for electroctatic shield.
  • 1500 Volts RMS HIPOT: Primary and secondary coils wound on separate sections.
  • Wide selection of outputs available: Selection ranges from 5 to 230 volts standard.

Custom Configurations Available. Consult Sun Transformer for details.

STC P/N Sec. Series Connected Sec. Paralled Conn.
LPC-6-10 10V CT @ 600ma 5V @ 1.2A
LPC-6-12 12.6V CT @ 450ma 6.3V @ 900ma
LPC-6-16 16V CT @ 350ma 8V @ 700ma
LPC-6-20 20V CT @ 300ma 10V @ 600ma
LPC-6-24 24V CT @ 250ma 12V @ 500ma
LPC-6-30 30V CT @ 200ma 15V @ 400ma
LPC-6-34 34V CT @ 170ma 17V @ 340ma
LPC-6-40 40V CT @ 150ma 20V @ 300ma
LPC-6-56 56V CT @ 100ma 28V @ 200ma
LPC-6-88 88V CT @ 65ma 44V @ 130ma
LPC-6-120 120V CT @ 50ma 60V @ 100ma
LPC-6-240 230V CT @ 25ma 115V @ 50ma

Schematic drawing for LPC-2.5 series transformer

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